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"Find Your Aloha" Giveaway!

It is definitely summertime! The weather is warm and the air smells deliciously of barbecue. To kick off the summer right we want to do a Find Your Aloha Giveaway!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Hawaii. Over the years I have found a few products that I couldn't live without, so much in fact, that I had to begin carrying them in my store! They add the perfect little touch of island spirit into my day to day life.

The Product Spotlight

Island Essence -

I found Island Essence lotion years and years ago on a trip to Maui and fell in love with their plumeria fragrance. It smells heavenly, just as if i was wearing a lei made of the fragrant flower. I bought several bottles while I was on the island and I became completely hooked. I have tried several of their fragrances, and while plumeria is still my favorite, they are all wonderful! They are all made with organic essential oils and are paraben free! Just one more reason to love this wonderful product. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Kopa Kauai Soap -

I stumbled upon Kopa Kauai soaps at a small craft fair in Hanalei, Kauai. I actually got to meet the owner of the company and got to learn all about her fabulous soaps. The soaps are all handmade with organic ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter that moisturize while cleansing the skin. It makes showering feel like a tropical spa experience! Now you can "Bathe with Aloha"!

Heart of Brooklyn Hair Ties -

I love these hair ties! Not only do they come in all types of adorable prints, but they are so comfortable! They don't pull or catch your hair and they look cute when you wear them on your wrist! I'm thrilled that she decided to join in our giveaway!

How do I Win!?

There are 3 different ways you can enter to win these fabulous products!

1. Like us on Facebook

2. Follow us on instagram @affairsoftheheart_ag

3. Tag a friend on our official giveaway post on Instagram

It's that simple!

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